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Give yourself peace of mind

The Real Estate Protections program offers several advantages that act as added values ​​to the framework of the Real Estate Brokerage Act and allow buyers and sellers to proceed with their transaction with complete peace of mind.

The various compensation costs of this cover have been set to correspond to the realities encountered by consumers during a real estate transaction. In addition, The Real Estate Protections program offered by independant Real Estate Brokers, members of RCIIQ, is one of the most generous insurance programs available on the market.

These protections are offered to you at no additional cost by your Real Estate Broker and allow you to enjoy an invaluable peace of mind during the most important transaction of your life.



Real Estate protections Insurance in 3 parts

Are you eligible for the Real Estate Protections Insurance?
  • Single-family homes;
  • Townhouses;
  • Prefabricated houses installed on permanent foundations;
  • Mainly residential buildings with less than 5 units;
  • Condominium / loft.

Note that eligible members of this insurance are only homeowners, whether sellers or buyers. Main or secondary residences are accepted if they are habitable year-round.